LP Staking BOT

LP Staking BOT Provides LP Staking feature that enables users to stake LP tokens on Uniswap V2 for $ZONE and GridZone NFT as rewards.

Users who provide liquidity on Uniswap V2 ETH/ZONE pool will receive LP tokens in their wallets. Go to https://gridzone.io/bot, users can see their LP tokens balance on LP Staking page, with a few simple steps user can stake, unstake, claim rewards.

LP Staking details:

  • LP BOT rewards 4.2035 ZONE per minute divided among all stakers. Staker's share = ILPT / TLPT

  • ILPT = number of individual LP tokens

  • TLPT = total LP tokens staked (i.e. if staker's share of the pool is 1%) ZONE reward is 4.2305 x 0.01=0.042305 ZONE p/min.

  • Minimum staking period is 180 days. If unstaked before 180 days, 100% penalty applies.

  • After 180 days of staking, based on the amount of ZONE reward, stakers can claim an equivalent NFT reward.

LP Staking BOT Tutorial Video: https://youtu.be/eQTGGQ4ExYg

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