1.What is GridZone?

GridZone is a next-gen art-focused metaverse on Ethereum with unique digital identities, 3D VR world, and interactive 3D NFTs.

2.What can you do in GridZone?

GridZone concept revolves around 3D interactive NFTs that provide its owners with the opportunity to earn rewards throughout GridZone metaverse by participating in various GridZone activities, such as 3D and VR gaming, NFT minting, liquidity mining, staking, and many more.

3.What kind of NFTs exist in GridZone metaverse?

GridZone metaverse currently has 3 different NFTs: • NYM NFTs: Customizable 3D NFT avatars. • NFT Rides: NFT cars & NFT bikes. • NFT Fashion: Wearable accessories for NYM NFT.

4.How to become the owner of GridZone NFTs?

There are 4 ways to become the owner of GridZone NFTs: • Participate in the Gridzone public sale on August 31.[1] • Mint remaining NFTs with $ZONE tokens from GZ marketplace after the public sale is finished. • Purchase GZ NFTs minted by GZ NFT owners and available for sale on other NFT marketplaces, such as OpenSea, Rarible, etc. • Various staking and GridZone community mining rewards throughout GridZone.[2]

5.What can you do with GridZone NFTs?

All GridZone NFTs provide different benefits throughout the GridZone metaverse. • NYM NFTs: Access to all GridZone BOTs and GridZone’s 3D VR super club, “Astro Cafe”, a virtual party zone. Owners of the NYM NFT(s) can participate in various activities, such as NFT minting, 3D and VR gaming, liquidity mining and staking, etc.[3] • NFT Rides: Entry ticket to “ZONE Racer”, a play and earn space where NFT Rides owners can use their 3D NFT car/bike model(s) to drive on racetracks to race (against other users or against timer) and earn various rewards (NFTs and $ZONE).[4] NFT rides can also be customizable and upgradable to provide owners with various visual and in-game improvements. • NFT Fashion: All GridZone fashion goods are NFTs. You can mint them with $ZONE on GridZone Marketplace or participate in various activities throughout GridZone metaverse to earn them as rewards. Users can mint NFT(s) in GridZone to customize your 3D NFT NYM avatar in the metaverse. In order to earn any type of reward(s) throughout the GridZone metaverse, you need to own at least one or more GridZone NFTs.

6. What is NYM NFT?

NYM is a digital identity within GridZone metaverse. It is a unique customizable 3D NFT avatar whose identity, verification, and digital ownership are confirmed through the Ethereum wallet by creating a cryptographic signature that authenticates and proves the ownership of the NYM digital asset.[5] NYM NFT is a requirement for every user in order to fully utilize all the benefits of the GridZone metaverse i.e. gaming, NFT minting, liquidity mining, staking, etc.

7.What is $ZONE?

$ZONE is GridZone’s governance token, a utility token, that empowers its owners with the ability to govern the GridZone platform. It enables token owners to propose and vote on the direction of GridZone and allows them to have a voice on how GridZone spends its resources. This way, $ZONE token holders have total control over GridZone assets, distribution of profits, and future developments.

8.How to buy $ZONE?

You can buy $ZONE on Uniswap : https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xc1d9b5a0776d7c8b98b8a838e5a0dd1bc5fdd53c&use=V2

9.How do I create an account on GridZone.io?

Go to https://gridzone.io/, connect your MetaMask wallet, enter your preferable username and click ‘sign up’ button. Sign-up and log-in processes are performed through Ethereum wallet by creating a cryptographic signature that authenticates and proves the ownership of the GridZone account. Sign-up process is free for all users.

10.What is ZONE RACER?

Zone Racer is GridZone’s racetrack gaming zone where NFT Rides owners can use their 3D NFT models of cars and bikes to race against other users or race against time, and earn various NFT and $ZONE rewards. Apart from visual appearance, each NFT ride has different abilities to suit the user (i.e. some are faster while some are easier to control, etc.). Those who participate in $ZONE public sale will receive NFT credits that can be redeemed for NFT RIDES for free.

To see the Zone Racer demo video, please go to https://youtu.be/EzO-EkZ557k

11. What is Astro Cafe?

Astro Cafe is a part of the GridZone “Party Zone”, a 3D virtual super club, a fresh new 3D virtual room concept where users can have a good time. It is a place with lights, music, DJs, rewards, everything you need to have the best metaverse experience will be there. Events such as airdrops, meetups, parties, and DJ live performances will also take place in GridZone Astro Cafe.

Go to https://youtu.be/iOwNg-_P4M8 to see the Astro Cafe demo video.

11.What are GridZone BOTs and what they do?

GridZone BOTs are Ethereum smart contracts designed to perform various trading and utility tasks. BOTs can be augmented with different improvement protocols which enhance BOT’s capabilities to benefit the user(s). Depending on the type, BOTs can perform different tasks ranging from staking digital assets for rewards, liquidity mining, organizing airdrops, mint NFT’s, taking snapshot of NYM’s wallet and claiming rewards, and many more. BOTs can also interact with other BOTs and form Botnets for more sophisticated tasks and increased rewards.

12.What is GridZone ambassador and how to become an ambassador?

GridZone ambassadors are people (with some form of influence in their own community) in our community that not only love and are passionate about GridZone, but also willing to introduce GridZone to the world in order to help more people to enter this metaverse.

Please DM an admin on our discord server if you would like to be one an ambassador and help this community grow.

[1] Depending on the amount of $ZONE purchased, an equivalent amount of NFT credits will be available to spend on GZ NFTs. This offer is only available during $ZONE token public sale. [2] NYM NFT(s) ownership is a prerequisite. [3] Only NYM NFT owners can mint new NYM NFTs and sell to other users who would like to be apart of the GridZone metaverse. [4] NFT Rides owners can interact with GridZone BOTs and mint new NFT Rides that can be put up for sale on any NFT open marketplace, such as OpenSea, Rarible and so on. [5] A limited number of NYM NFTs will be available for purchase after $ZONE token public sale is finished.

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