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We detail a few of the core contracts.

GridZone.io (ZONE) tokenHolders of ZONE token have the ability to govern the protocol via the governor contract.

Governor AlphaThe administrator of the timelock contract. Holders of ZONE token may create and vote on proposals which will be queued into the timelock.


Pull the repository from GitHub and install its dependencies. You will need npm installed.

git clone https://github.com/GridZone/gridzone-governance.git
cd gridzone-governance
npm install


Create files storing private key and infura API key.

cp .secrets.json.template .secrets.json

Open .secrets.json with text editor, write menemonic, infra API key, and etherscan API key


Compile the smart contracts.

npx hardhat compile

Deploy and Verify contracts

You can deploy contracts and verify with etherscan API key.

npx hardhat deploy --network mainnet

And you can deploy contracts and verify them individually.


npx hardhat deploy --network mainnet --tags mainnet_ZONE_deploy
npx hardhat deploy --network mainnet --tags mainnet_ZONE_verify


npx hardhat deploy --network mainnet --tags mainnet_Timelock_deploy
npx hardhat deploy --network mainnet --tags mainnet_Timelock_verify

Governor Alpha

npx hardhat deploy --network mainnet --tags mainnet_GovernorAlpha_deploy
npx hardhat deploy --network mainnet --tags mainnet_GovernorAlpha_verify


npx hardhat deploy --network mainnet --tags mainnet_VoteBox_deploy
npx hardhat deploy --network mainnet --tags mainnet_VoteBox_verify
npx hardhat run --network mainnet scripts/addresses.js

Change the Timelock admin as GovernorAlpha contract

  • execute setPendingAdmin of Timelock contract. The parameter is the address of GovernorAlpha contract. This function must be called by Timelock admin

  • execute __acceptAdmin of GovernorAlpha contract. This function must be called by GovernorAlpha guardian


Deploy on testnet

npx hardhat deploy --network ropsten --tags ropsten

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